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Marriage Enrichment

  Marriage Enrichment For married couples, second only to our relationship to God, our relationship to our spouse is the most important priority in in our life. It is also the key to our happiness and sense of fulfillment in our vocation to married life. In fact, researchers have shown that on a purely human level, happily married couples have stronger immune systems and live healthier longer lives. The Domestic Church There is also an important spiritual dimension to marriages. Families formed through marriage are understood to be the Domestic Church . For married couples, the family is the spiritual center of their lives together.  Parish Activities For more information on these parish activities please contact Deacon Scott McKellar Finding Joy in Your Marriage: Understanding, strengthening, and repairing your relationship. A Twelve-Week Couple Journey (January - March 2021)   Light-Life/Domestic Church Movement Light+Life Retreat and formation process. (Spring 2021) Re

Finding Joy in Your Marriage

  Finding Joy in Your Marriage: Understanding, strengthening, and repairing your relationship A Twelve-Week Couple Journey In every other area of our life, if we want to improve in something, we read, study, find a coach, or join a support group. No one would begin training for a marathon, or learn a new style of cooking by simply buying shoes or a wok. Why does it make sense to think we should just intuitively ‘get’ relationships, without seeking any help or coaching to find a more satisfying friendship? Our relationship with our spouse is intended to be our greatest source of connection and happiness. The reality is that a sustained sense of deep connection with another person takes work. Is it enough to have good intentions? Every year, across the country, the local gym memberships swell in January and unfortunately return to normal again by February. But what makes a good marriage? In the 1980’s some popular ideas included communication skills, active listening, conflict resoluti