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Is Conflict Normal in a Marriage?

  As permanent deacon, I have been married 36 years, and I am not afraid to say that I have experienced conflict from time to time in my own Marriage. Marital conflict can be of two types, resolvable conflicts and permanent or unresolvable conflicts . Many people assume that unresolvable conflicts in marriage are rare. Research shows that 69 % of the time conflicts are actually unresolvable. They are often rooted in differences in personality that are not likely to change over time. The presence of this type of conflict is actually normal and does not have to mean that there are serious problems in a marriage. Immediately after the Fall of Adam and Eve in Genesis, we see blaming, finger pointing, and conflict enter their relationship. Researcher tell us the most people are able to cope with this type of conflict and to maintain a positive relationship. Some couples seem to ‘get stuck’ in a negative cycle, and find this ongoing conflict is hurting their relationship. We call this,